Destination Unknown - Tent City of Lakewood, NJ

A reality show from the Netherlands (aka Holland, the Dutch) called "Destination Unknown" ("Bestemming Onbekend"), season 3, episode 3. Uploaded with permission. Dutch and English dialog, with English subtitles where needed. The episode aired in Europe on March 29, 2012.

The show meets up with random young people in the Netherlands, and offers to take them on a free trip, but there's a catch - they won't know their actual destination. In this episode, the young people are excited to learn that they're going to the USA - they're thinking Vegas, Disneyland, NYC... But they end up somewhere completely unexpected!

Tent City is a village of about 100 otherwise-homeless individuals living in the woods of Lakewood, NJ - about an hour drive from New York City. These are people who, for various reasons, were unable to pay the rent (which in the area starts at about $1000 / month for a one-bedroom apartment), had no other place where they could stay, and had no choice but to live in a shanty or a tent on "public" land.

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